Asean community essay

As part of the structural changes of the world economy, ASEAN has implemented intra-regional economic cooperation since As economic integration, AEC is dealing directly with economic stuffs. Founded inASEAN has promoted deepening and widening of regional cooperation since its founding, deepening its political and economic cooperation and fostering other types of cooperation. The five original members in ——Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand—— welcomed Brunei inVietnam inLaos and Myanmar inand Cambodia in

Asean community essay

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Asean community essay

Subsequently, they decided to hasten the establishment of the AEC to The AEC is an initiative to transform the region into an area with free movement of goods, services, investment, skilled labor, and a freer flow of capital. Will the AEC live up to the hype?

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And if so, will it do so by ? The four main goals of the AEC are: A single market and production-base; A competitive economic region; Equitable economic development, as external trade is an integral Asean community essay of the region; Integration into the global economy.

Asean Integration by is just around the corner. Despite the fast approaching deadline, the prevailing sense is that the country somehow seems unprepared to meet the competitive challenges when trade barriers are lifted to allow for the free flow of goods and services in the region.

The business sector needs a carefully constructed environment it could use to steel themselves for the onslaught while giving foreign competition a serious run for their money. Whenever Asean Integration is taken up, the lack of preparedness and synchronicity of the government and private sector and weak state of competitiveness dominate the conversation.

And if the peso continues to strengthen to levels below One vulnerable sector is the agribusiness industry where productivity targeting self-sufficiency Asean community essay surplus growth for export are found wanting.

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There is much to be done in terms of providing adequate incentives, critical infrastructure we are spending 2 to 3 percent of GDP, far below the regional average and universal access to know-how and capital. Arangkada points out that domestic transport, labor and other business costs arising from inefficiencies of the system must be immediately addressed and effectively reduced.

We have yet to develop indigenous mechanized and other farm implements; expand irrigation and insurance coverage; provide cheaper fertilizer; and integrate small farms to attain economies of scale, including the promotion of corporate farming. Apart from seeking off-budget funding options that preserve the budget for social defense and the delivery of basic services, there should be another goal: Arangkada, a project of the Joint Foreign Chambers of the Philippines, gave this 2nd anniversary assessment of the manufacturing sector: As long as smuggling provides better profits than manufacturers, the economy will be one of traders and smugglers.


When Arangkada was drafted, there was no strong, unifying policy that manufacturing is a key component of economic and technological development. There was no national industrial master plan, and funding for trade and investment promotion was small.

All that is causing a drag on our growth and development. Both the government and business should be on the same page, without which our economic rise might get cut short by Asean Integration inleaving us once more to twist in the wind.

We must convert inputs to outputs, and outputs to impacts, to reach the bottom of the pyramid. These are the heart of the ASEAN Economic Community for which a mindset change of stakeholders is needed to face the end- economic integration deadline; these include politicians who have to implement agreements committed and signed by the government, business leaders who ask for protection and preferential treatment instead of proactively addressing long-term problems, and the general public who must wage a continuous battle against corruption and inefficiency.

Fears over changing comparative advantages, bad environments of doing business, more complex and chaotic global conditions, etc. The Philippines has its own strengths going into AEC ,e. Issues such as drug trafficking, labor migration, a peacekeeping force, strong mechanism for enforcing human rights, and border issues among member states and with China on maritime waters do affect the progress of the ASEAN Economic Community.


Local and foreign direct investments, as well as government expenditures, are swayed in certain locations and industries according to perceptions on these matters.

The Philippines has committed to integration bywhich aims to create single market and production base and to develop ASEAN as a highly competitive economic region. While the objectives are laudable, Pangilinan said the country should be aware of the impact on jobs, income and food security.

It will kill the sugar industy. He believes each country would come out with regulations to protect their own workers. Using Philippine doctors and nurses as an example, Pangilinan expressed concern that other ASEAN countries would come up with policies favoring their own nationals first for skilled jobs.Asean Economic Community: a Focus on the Philippines Essay ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY: A FOCUS ON THE PHILIPPINES The blueprint for realizing an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by was adopted and signed by ASEAN Leaders in November in Singapore during their annual Summit Meeting.

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Asean community essay

Pages Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay ASEAN has proposed an objective to be succeeded in which is known as the economic integration or ASEAN Economic Community.

There are three important factors that lead to the creation of ASEAN economic integration in ASEAN Economic Community ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is one of the three integral pillars of the contemplated ASEAN other two are ASEAN Security Community and the ASEAN Socio-Cultural was agreed by ASEAN leaders at the Bali Summit in October that it should be the goal of regional economic integration by ASEAN refers to a bloc of nations which have collectively formed a regional grouping in South East Asia - ASEAN Essay introduction.

ASEAN stands for The Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN stands for The Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN Economic Community Home / ASEAN Economic Community The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in is a major milestone in the regional economic integration agenda in ASEAN, offering opportunities in the form of a huge market of US$ trillion and over million people.

Asean Economic Community (Aec) and Its Implication on Essay. ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and its implication on APEC[1] Kuboon Charumanee[2] The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been the representative of regional economic cooperation and integration among developing countries - Asean Economic Community (Aec) and Its Implication on Essay .

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