Cis 115

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Cis 115

TCO 9 — Given a program with logic errors that is intended as a solution to a simple business problem, employ debugging diagnostics to remove and correct the errors. You will need to design an application that Cis 115 will prompt a user for their hourly pay rate, their hours worked, and whether they are single, married, divorced, or widowed.

It will then calculate their gross and net pay. Write a program that prompts and accepts a number between 1 and After getting the input, display the number with the appropriate month.

Cis 115

You will need to design an application that will receive the weight of a parcel and calculate and display the cost per kg and the delivery charge for that parcel.

Calculate the charges using the following data: Cis 115 program shall only accept scores between 0 and 1, points including 0 and 1,with 1, points being the maximum number of points. The program shall then calculate the score percentage, and then determine the grade based on the percentage using the following grade criteria: Your goal is to solve the following simple programming exercise.

Using a FOR loop, write an algorithm that displays the squares of the numbers 1 to 10 to console output.

Do you need to accept input? Using a pretest WHILE loop, write an algorithm that displays the squares of the numbers 1 to 10 to console output.

This is extra for those who desire a challenge.

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Customers will not know exactly how many items they will purchase, so using a for-loop on this lab is not allowed. Accept the dollar value of each item purchased from the user until the user is finished. When purchases are complete, enter a sentinel value of -1 indicating the user has finished. Display all of the purchases to the customer with the original price and the discount price.

Arrays are incredible fun!

Cis 115

Today we are going to work on a program to keep track of our homework scores for a math class. Write a program that accepts five homework scores as input values and stores them into a table which is another name for an array. Once the scores are in the array, we can process them again and again.

First, load the scores in your array. Second, display the contents of the array in order. Third, display array in reverse order.

Fourth, calculate the average of the five scores entered in the array. Finally, the algorithm should display all the homework scores in the array that are larger than the previously calculated average. Make sure you use some output statements to clarify all the details you are displaying, being cautious about spelling and communicating to your user.

When purchases are complete, enter a sentinel value of -1 Make certain you do not include the -1 sentinel value in your total. Keep track of the total dollar amount of all fireworks purchased.

Keep a tally of the number of items purchased.

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Once purchases are complete, display the total number of items purchased, the average price of the items, the total of all fireworks purchased, any discount if applicable, and the total of all fireworks purchased minus the discount.

You have been asked by your accounting department to design an algorithm determining the annual profit for your company. The algorithm should ask the user for the projected monthly sales for 12 months.CIS Week 7 Lab Fireworks Stand Checkout (Devry) This Tutorial was purchased 3 times & rated A+ by student like you.

In this lab, you are going to extend the Fireworks Checkout Stand application in Week 6. 6 | P a g e Typographical Conventions The following typographical conventions are used throughout this guide: Convention Meaning Stylized Monospace font Used for blocks of code, command, and script examples.

Text should be interpreted exactly as presented. CIS - Introduction to Computing Science Credits: (3) A survey of the discipline of Computing Science and its interaction with other disciplines, incorporating historical development, theories, and tools of Computing Science .

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or its. Download Syllabus Course Description This course introduces computer programming and problem solving in a structured program logic environment. Topics include language syntax, data types, program organization, problem solving methods, algorithm design, and logic control structures.

Upon completion, students should be able to manage files with .

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