Hospital market segmentation

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Hospital market segmentation

The whitepaper, authored by Brett Spencer, MD, Igor Belokrinitsky, Szoa Geng and Neil Patel, explores the options hospitals have as they determine their "go-to-market posture" to differentiate themselves and capture their fair share of the market. This system is ubiquitous, well-known, well-regarded and has a loyal customer base.

To exclude this type of provider from a network seems unthinkable. Systems in this position are well-placed to market directly to consumers and employers.

Hospital market segmentation in Poland

People view this system and its providers as a reliable and predictable alternative to the "gold standard. This system targets its services to a particular market segment or demographic. Pediatric hospitals are a great example.

But as health plans aggressively reshape their networks, segment specialists risk being carved out. Population and risk manager. Health systems are increasingly selling their offerings directly to employers, cutting out the middle-man and complexity of insurers.

The ability to make a strong claim about clinical services is definitely a differentiator among health systems.

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Cleveland Clinic has demonstrated this through its partnerships with major employers for cardiology bundles based on its demonstrably lower defect rate and, consequentially, lower cost of care. This clinical specialization is meaningful to both payers and employers.

These systems are analogous to the Apples of healthcare — the have a fiercely loyal following, a reputation for innovation and excellence and consumers do not think there are acceptable substitutes. Consumers view these systems and providers as the best value for their money.

They offer an affordable product and good experience, much like Southwest Airlines. This type of positioning "can be beneficial to many systems," according to the whitepaper, but it is also difficult to pull off.

Hospital market segmentation

More Articles on Hospital Strategy:For these, industry is an important basis for market segmentation. Hospitals, for example, share some computer needs and yet differ markedly as a customer group from retail stores. Marketers may. The success of the focus strategy depends on the difference of the target segment from other segments.

To explain this concept, let us take example of soft drink market. The segmentation of global hospital beds market comprises type of beds, technology, end users and geography. Hospital beds market is segmented as home care beds, general purpose beds, ICU beds, pediatric beds, bariatric beds, bathing beds respiratory beds, and pressure relief beds.

Smart pharmaceutical companies know that maximizing return on your promotional dollars requires a thorough understanding of healthcare market segmentation, as well as surgical precision when targeting key market segments.

Wearable medical devices market segmentation by product, by application type, by distribution channels, by key players and key regions. Global wearable medical device market is mainly driven by rising demand for user-friendly and self-monitoring devices.

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